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Monday, February 9, 2009

A Piece Of Imagination (A Touching Love Story)

This was the Day. Tony had been waiting for this day for his entire life. He had his share of sorrow all through his life but now the moment waited him which would change his life forever. He was 22 and had seen so much in these years. He never knew what a mother's warmth was. She died giving birth to him. Soon after her death his Dad started seeing other women. Tony hailed from a very rich and prestigious family with generations having served the poor through the medical fraternity. Everyone was a doctor or a PHD but not his dad. His dad didn't take up the medical profession, in fact never tried to earn a penny.

Tony had a lonely childhood until Jane entered his life. He could still remember the day when Jane moved to his borhood. He had found a true fried in her. Jane's company covered all his sorrows, he stated smiling, laughing and more importantly enjoying his life. And now he was going to ask her to marry him. This was his last day of college and he had been preparing for this moment for a while now. He had visualized the scene a hundred times in his dreams." Will you marry me Miss Jane?" He had memorized this simple plain line. As he was waiting for Jane in his garden he heard Uncle Jack calling him. Uncle Jack was the one who looked after him for all these years. Mr. Jack was a Psychologist. He was very dear to Tony. "Can I speak to you for some time, Tony?" "Now? Actually Uncle ..." Before Tony could complete his statement uncle jack said "Tony this is really very important. I always wanted to speak to you about this but was afraid. Now you are older and you will be able to understand.. ." "What is it all about..." Tony asked with a tensed voice. "Not here... Let's go inside the living room and will have a talk there"

Tony followed Uncle Jack into the cottage. Tony was very anxious and nervous. He had never seen his Uncle this way. "Tony before I talk to u about it please promise me you won't panic and whatever happens always remember that I am with you." "God! You are making me too nervous. Tell me uncle jack what is it about". Tony wanted to get through this as early as possible. "Jane must be waiting for me" he thought. "Tony you need to keep your calm. Know it will be very tough for you to understand.. Tony, remember the day when you told me about Jane moving to the cottage next to ours?"

"Is it about Jane...?" he shrieked, his heart was pumping fast... "Listen Tony There is no one living in that cottage for years now..." "whhhat ?? How's that possible I have been there myself so many times.....what are you talking about? I just can't understand" "Please listen Tony. You were alone those days and were very upset with life. You didn't have friends then...You went through lot of things...You wanted to be happy but were unable to you didn't had anyone to talk to" Uncle jack moved closer to Tony and put his hand on Tony's shoulder. "And in such situations your brain plays bad games with you. You started imagining Jane as your friend...There is no Jane; Tony you are just imagining her..." "Just just just imagining can you say that ...I have touched her even kissed her cheeks. It's you who are crazy and not me..."

"Tony I know it's hard to believe this. But it's the truth. I always wanted to tell you this but you were too small to understand.. ." "No that's not possible.... .you are lying ..." "No son it's your own mind lying you...please Tony keep your cool everything will be fine ....just trust me"

Tony rushed away from the living room. He ran to meet Jane in the Garden. But no one was there. He went to Jane's house hoping to find her there...he tried ringing the door bell but it didn't rang and how would it? The place was locked for 17 years now. He entered the Cottage through a broken window..Eveything was deserted. The sofa on which he and Jane sat chatting for hours was covered with layers of dust... He was almost crying now...he moved to the terrace to find the rose plant they planted together. There was nothing only some rusted furniture and dust. He went back Uncle Jack. "Son, I am sorry but you need to get out of this..." Tony couldn't believe what had happened to him. The girl who he loved the most and wanted to marry didn't exist. She was fake, a thought, and a piece of imagination...

It took around a month for him to digest his fate. He was finally recovering. And that day before going to sleep he took those tablets which he took for last 15 years. He always wondered why Uncle Jack kept giving him those tablets. Now he knew the answer. He was sick. Sick mentally. As he was about to sleep he heard a knock on his door. It was Jane. "Jane you cant be don't exist..." "What's that? Is this some kind of Joke, Tony? I came here to say sorry. I had to leave that day without informing you because my mom died in a car accident...I tried to reach you but somehow I was not able to..."

"Noooo! this is not true" said Tony. "There is no one called Jane in my life...I know that now...Just get away from me... " "Whats the matter with you Tony? I am Jane your sweetheart your love...." "No that's not true...." Tony closed his eyes for a moment hoping his dream would end.... Jane held his hand....Tony was shivering he could feel the touch.His brain was playing Bad games with him he knew it. "Come here my baby you are not need some rest" "Go away from me ...just go..." Tony was breathing high now...He tried keeping his cool and took a deep breath. He knew this would be over once he convinced himself that there was no Jane. "Jane you are my imagination. ..I made you..." "Tony you can't hurt me love me so much ...we had such a great time together" "No Jane, I had a great time with myself..." What am I talking! I am going nuts..

He rushed into the kitchen. He came back with water all over his shirt... He could still see Jane standing there...weeping. He was well aware of the bad games of the Brain now. He went closer to her... "Jane i made you i will destroy you..." Zap zap zap... three stabs...Jane was bleeding... Tony could feel the red liquid ....bad brain games he thought... "Uncle Jack. Where are you? I am cured now. There will be no Jane from now on...where are you Uncle Jack?" "There is no Uncle Jack. I wanted to tell you this... All these days..." Jane gasped. Breathing her last breath.


  1. very nice ........... i jst love it it really had touched me

  2. Its jus amazing.. Entirely shocked when i read the last line...

  3. i am shocked, i am not expected this climax.
    i have no words to say !!!

  4. oh my really interesting climax nd very sad no words!!!!!


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